Bridgewater, NJ – 2022 INFINITI Q60 – Features & Specs Review

Through its sporty curves, exceptional design, and plenty of power, the 2022 INFINITI Q60 makes an undeniable style statement. Supported by a powerful V6 engine as a standard feature, the luxury coupe also boasts of in-cabin technology with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. While the LED exterior lighting and 19-inch aluminum alloy wheels establish your mark on the road, dual zone automatic temperature control and roomy interiors transform each drive into the epitome of comfort. With meticulous style and reliable performance, the INFINITI Q60 coupe, at Ray Catena INFINITI of Bridgewater in NJ, redefines what accessible luxury looks like with the INFINITI experience.

2022 INFINITI Q60 Frequently asked questions

The 2022 INFINITI Q60 is a great car at an affordable price point. While its starting costs remain under the accessible luxury threshold, it packs a punch of features even within its base offering. The vehicle’s V6 engine stands out as delivering some of the best value in its class while giving you the desired push on the road. The exterior design and interior detailing stays on par with other vehicles in the same budget, and the performance goes even further in some aspects. Apple CarPlay and Android Auto remain accessible from the get go, while all-wheel drive (AWD) comes as an optional upgrade. Overall, the car delivers beyond its performance expectations and remains a powerhouse in accessible luxury vehicles.

The 2022 INFINITI comes in three different trims. The base trim called Q60 Pure begins at $41,650. The mid-level Luxe starts at $50,200. The top-level Red Sport 400 initiates its price at $58,100. While these prices are for the rear-wheel drive (RWD) models, you can upgrade to an AWD by adding $2,000 to the base cost. Plenty of options are also available, which let you customize your INFINITI experience right according to your budget and preferences.

The INFINITI Q60 is able to hold its value pretty well for the first few years of its purchase. After the first 5 years have passed, the value typically depreciates a little over 50 percent, which is a usual affair for luxury cars – even those that are in the entry-level tier.

The INFINITI Q60 is not expensive to maintain. Despite its classification as a luxury coupe, it benefits from extensive durability and reliability. Consistent tune ups and maintenance routines do not go past the affordability range of typical entry-level luxury vehicles, but still make sure that your car remains problem-free for a long time.

The INFINITI Q60 is a coupe, which means that it has a two-door style. With that, it can seat up to 4 passengers. This gives you the flexibility of using the car as your go-to choice for regular trips while also boasting of a compact sports style.

What are the new features of the 2022 INFINITI Q60?

The 2022 INFINITI Q60 is all about delivering more value for money, which shows in its inclusion of driver safety and assistance features in the mid-level trim called Luxe. This covers features including but not limited to adaptive cruise control, blind-spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist. As a result, you can enjoy a safer drive with better handling.

The 2022 INFINITI Q60 pays attention to the level of comfort and excellence that the top-level Red Sport 400 trim brings to the table. In turn, this delivers features such as power-folding mirrors and an enhanced exterior trim. This sweetens the offering for the trim and lets you get the most out of your investment.

With two new paint options added to the mix, the 2022 INFINITI Q60 makes sure to deliver on visual enhancements for optimal eye candy. Through the Slate Gray and Grand Blue that expand the existing selection of paint jobs, you can flaunt your style with the utmost flexibility.

The 2022 INFINITI Q60 adds Apple CarPlay as a standard feature. This allows you to connect your iOS mobile devices to your coupe to easily fulfill your entertainment and communication needs on the road. The seamless integration makes sure that you don’t need to invest in additional equipment to access this ease of use.

The 2022 INFINITI Q60 also pays attention to Android users, and makes Android Auto a part of its infotainment system as a standard feature. This allows you to connect your car to your smartphone or tablet that runs on Android and lets you make calls, send messages, and access media easily.

What’s New for the 2022 INFINITI Q60?

The 2022 INFINITI Q60 comes packed with a variety of new features that speak to your visual and functional requirements on the road. This includes significant driver safety and aesthetic upgrades across multiple trims, as well as the options to use Apple CarPlay and Android Auto to your comfort. The car also introduces two new paint shades, which gives you more choices at an affordable price point. At Ray Catena, you can see these features in different models of the INFINITI Q60 in Bridgewater, New Jersey.

Through Ray Catena’s vast collection of new and certified pre-owned 2022 INFINITI Q60 vehicles in NJ, you can browse through a selection of Pure, Luxe, and Red Sport 400 trims according to your liking. Whether you are looking for a RWD or AWD model, you can rest assured that you will be able to find it through our expansive range without any issues. This also holds true for engine configurations. You can find Pure and Luxe trims in their default twin-turbocharged 3.0L V-6 engine with 300 horsepower and 295 lb-ft of torque. At the same time, you can select the powerful Red Sport 400 with its twin-turbocharged 3.0L V-6 engine with 400 horsepower and 350 lb-ft of torque.

The available colors for this year’s luxury coupe include the new Slate Gray and Grand Blue, which expand upon the existing options of Pure White, Majestic White, Graphite Shadow, Black Obsidian, Midnight Black, and Dynamic Sunstone Red. The accessibility to some paint options is limited to premium prices or trim. The coupe can seat up to 4 passengers.

Luxury INFINITI Dealership in NJ with Ideal Customer Service

At Ray Catena, our experienced customer service team can help you find your ideal 2022 INFINITI Q60 in Bridgewater, NJ. With our firm grasp on key features and a broad understanding of critical details, Ray Catena can simplify the otherwise convoluted process of finding your new or used INFINITI car.

Our experts make it a point to note down your ideal performance specifications, your personal style preferences, and your overall expectations from a luxury vehicle that delivers the INFINITI experience. This helps us narrow your selection within a few minutes, and allows you to find the perfect INFINITI Q60 in Bridgewater, NJ that seems tailor-made for you.

From understanding your key requirements to helping you browse all related models, our professionally-trained team guides you through each and every step of the process. By discussing your needs in a detailed manner, you can ensure to cut down the time it takes to discover a luxury vehicle that caters to all your pressing requirements. At the same time, we make it a point to fit your budgetary constraints to find you the perfect match without breaking the bank.

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