Introducing the SignatureFLEX Lease Program
at INFINITI of Bridgewater

Considering an INFINITI car or SUV in New Jersey, but want flexibility with your lease options? At INFINITI of Bridgewater, we’re excited to introduce you to our exclusive SignatureFLEX Lease Program, designed to offer unparalleled flexibility and convenience for you to choose the mileage you need on your next INFINITI lease.

Unlock a More Personalized Leasing Option
With Our SignatureFLEX Lease Program

The SignatureFLEX lease program offers lessees the ability to easily add miles during their lease contract if they are approaching or may exceed their mileage limit.

SignatureFLEX is available on all new leases and on all 2022 or newer INFINITI vehicles and lease terms, including the ultra-low-mileage, 5,000-mile/36-month leasing option.[*]

At any time throughout the lease, drivers can conveniently purchase additional mileage through the IFS web portal or mobile app. INFINITI vehicles with compatible INFINITI InTouch™ Services technology will provide automatic, personalized notifications to drivers about their current and projected lease mileage.

The INFINITI SignatureFLEX Lease Program is a new offering from INFINITI Financial Services where customers will have the ability to purchase additional miles on their lease to match their driving needs. It is also the first time IFS will use INFINITI InTouch™ Services data to deliver more personalized communications to lessees alerting them to how usage relates to the original mileage term. All new leases that start on or after March 1, 2023 will have the option to purchase miles during their lease at just $0.10/mile.

There is no limit to the amount of miles customers can purchase, although there is no refund for unused miles. On a daily basis, lessees can purchase a minimum of $20 of additional mileage. Mileage must be purchased in $5 increments up to $2,000 per day. Eligible customers must have an account in good standing and purchase miles more than 30 days prior to the lease maturity date.

If you purchase miles under the terms of a SignatureFLEX lease, the cost is $0.10 per additional mile, compared to an excess mileage charge of $0.25 per mile at lease expiration.

No, the mileage purchase will be considered a separate event and will be handled as a one-off transaction between IFS and the customer. Purchasing additional miles is a separate transaction and the residual value will not change.

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